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Volvo Sensus Connect - Support Videos Volvo Sensus Connect Support Videos


Volvo Sensus Connect - Navigation - Local Search Video

Use Local Search
Learn how to use the Local Search app on Sensus Connect. Find places of interest around you, on your route or at your destination.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Navigation - Yelp Video

Use Yelp
Use the Yelp app on Sensus Connect. Discover places to relax, play and shop all from your car.


Volvo Sensus Connect - Entertainment- Pandora Video

Play Music from Pandora
Discover how to listen to Pandora Internet Radio on Sensus Connect. Create stations and find music from your car.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Entertainment- Sirius Weather Video

Sirius Weather
It's a beautiful day - somewhere. The Weather app connects you to the weather, giving you a 24-hour and seven-day forecast.


Volvo Sensus Connect - Connection- WiFi Hotspot Video

Connect Via WiFi Hotspot
Connect your Volvo to your smartphone WiFi hotspot. Stream music and radio from your phone and play it through the in-car sound system.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Connection- Access Internet Apps Video

Access Internet Apps
Learn how to access third-party apps on Sensus Connect. They're all easily available from the intuitive center display.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Connection- Bluetooth Tethering Video

Bluetooth Tethering
Learn how to sync your Bluetooth-enabled mobile device with your Volvo. You can make and receive calls and texts from your car.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Connection- Connect via Car Modem Video

Connect via Car Modem
Discover how to connect your car to the Internet through the in-car modem for fast and reliable service, no matter where you are.


Volvo Sensus Connect - Services- Volvo ID Video

Setup a Volvo ID
Set up your personal Volvo ID. Get information and notifications to help you make the most of your Sensus Connect.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Services- Access VOC Onboard Video

Access VOC Onboard
See how to setup and access Volvo On Call Onboard Functions from your car.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Services- Onboard Owner's Manual Video

Onboard Owner's Manual
Read the owner's manual in your car with Sensus Connect. Access the quick guide and read frequently asked questions.


Volvo Sensus Connect - Control- Use Voice Control Video

Use Voice Control
Learn how to use the Voice Control on Sensus Connect. Just speak to easily navigate menus and access apps.

Volvo Sensus Connect - Control- Access Text Reading Video

Access Text Reading
Learn how to setup Sensus Connect to read any SMS messages you receive.