DRIVE-E Powertrains

What if you could combine power, efficiency, and a superior
experience on the road with sustainable driving?

Our new generation of Drive-E powertrains has done just that,
allowing you to enjoy an exhilarating cruise down the road, but
with far less fuel and emissions.

And it doesn't stop there. Drive-E is an all-encompassing
commitment to sustainability. Everything from our cars' materials
to our factories are created with an environmentally-friendly approach.

Powerful, compact, efficient.

Our all-new Drive-E powertrains combine the low-fuel consumption and emissions of a four-cylinder engine
with the performance of a six or eight-cylinder. The
result is a smooth, powerful ride - with fewer stops
at the pump.


Better for you. Better for the earth.

With our Twin Engine plug-in hybrid (not available in the US), your driving experience
is your choice. Easily switch between driving modes to choose the power you need.

A breath
of fresh air

CleanZone is our approach to your car's interior
environment. Volvo offers an Interior Air Quality
system that checks incoming air for pollutants and
closes the vents when necessary. An active carbon
filter also helps protect you from harmful gases and unpleasant odors -  so you can breathe
happy and healthy.


Creating a sustainable future

At Volvo, we don't do anything without considering
our long-term responsibility to the environment.
That's why we create energy-efficient cars, keep
cleaner factories, and even minimize our total
environmental impact by using 85% recyclable
materials on every car.